Howdy Folks!

October 5th & 6th
10:00 Start Time
Winter hours

We shoot on the 1st Sunday of the Month and the preceeding Saturday  Weather permitting
6 Stages Each Day.
Cost is $7.00 for members and $15 for non members each day!
Young Guns and Buckaroo'etts Shoot Free
Keep checking back to see if we are shooting or not.  If possible, we post the Friday  or Saturday before the match by 8:00 pm.

In loving memory of Pesty Pot Shot
John Greenemeier
7267 Hwy 491 Cortez Colorado 81321

Our range is right across the highway from G Whil Liquors, if you put 7033 Hwy 160/491, Cortez Colorado in your google map, you'll find us.  Turn back to the West and go between the Double yellow gates.