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   Who's Coming in 2019
Limited to  100 Shooters

1 Addie Rose L49er Arizona
2 Alberta Annie LS Canada
3 Alvira Sullivan Earp LSS Australia
4 Annie D. Vine LS Texas
5 Awfull Ernie SGF Cortez Colorado
6 Babe Ruthless 49er Montrose Colorado
7 Bad Chad CB New Mexico
8 Beau Legg SD New Mexico
9 Bella Coola LSS California
10 Blackfire Opal Annie LFC Arizona
11 Blazen Vaquero CC Colorado
12 Bloody Dave Stout SS Arizona
13 Capt Jim Midnight 49er Iowa
14 Card Killer SGF Utah
15 Cervaza Slim CTB Durango Colorado
16 Choctaw Jack SS New Mexico
17 Coyote Baz MS Australia
18 Coyote Carson 49er California
19 Crazy Dazy LSS New Mexico
20 Deadlydownunder GF Australia
21 Dixie Bell GD Montrose Colorado
22 Doc Carnegie MW Australia
23 Hawkshaw Fred SGF Texas
24 Henry Moon FC Australia
25 High Noon Henry 49er North Carolina
26 Hot Tamale CCG Texas
27 Hulahan Bob EP Whitewater Colorado
28 Hurricane Camille GD Montrose Colorado
29 J.M. Brown SD North Carolina
30 Jersey Wales BW Durango Colorado
31 John Chisum ES Lake City Colorado
32 K.C. Woody SGF Australia
33 Kando Kate CG Arizona
34 Kenny Reds CTB Arizona
35 Kid Rich FCD Arizona
36 Kodiak Kid S Montrose Colorado
37 Largo Casey CC New Mexico
38 Lawless Lori Sue LP New Mexico
39 Lefty Jo LSS Grand Junction Colorado
40 Legally Loaded LW California
41 Little Doggie B Arizona
42 Littlebit 49er Montrose Colorado
43 Littlebits Honey L49er Montrose Colorado
44 Lucy Trigger LS Cortez Colorado
45 Mad Dog Too CBT Hesperus Colorado
46 Marco Del Rio 49er New Mexico
47 Mesa Verde Lady Sego LSS Dolores Colorado
48 Mustang Mary LSS Montrose Colorado
49 Mystic Meg L49er Australia
50 Ol' #4 FC Arizona
51 Old Fashioned FCD Utah
52 Old Yeller EP California
53 Panhandle Cowgirl LW Texas
54 Pecker Bird SGF Wyoming
55 Phillips 49er Australia
56 Piedra Kidd SD Cortez Colorado
57 Prairie Storm LS Canada
58 Private Pappy SS Cortez Colorado
59 Quickly Downunder MS Nevada
60 Ramblin' Rose B Hesperus Colorado
61 Rowdy Lane CTB Arizona
62 Rufus Thornton ES Australia
63 Sam Balin D Australia
64 Sambootz 49er Colorado Springs Colorado
65 San Juan CTB Montrose Colorado
66 Sanokee Sage CB Arizona
67 Santa Fe Kid MS Wyoming
68 Sapinero SS Montrose Colorado
69 Section Hand ES Australia
70 Sharp Shooter CB Utah
71 Shirtail Bess LFC Arizona
72 Short Fingered Bill CC Canada
73 Shotgun Shell LSS Cortez Colorado
74 Sister Sarah Carnegie LGF Australia
75 Slickrock SS Montrose Colorado
76 Sonora Blaze LBW Colorado
77 Southwest Trapper CC Canada
78 Star Dancer LSS Montrose Colorado
79 Stumble Leena L49er Cortez Colorado
80 T.L. CTB Montrose Colorado
81 Tumbleweed Pete EP Arizona
82 Union Jack 49er Montrose Colorado
83 Utah Bob FCD Cahone Colorado
84 Vaquero Viejo EP New Mexico
85 Virgil Earp SD Australia
86 Wrangler Ron EP Grand Junction Colorado

Baroness    B
Buckarette    BKT  8-12
Buckaroo    BKO  8-12
B-Western    BW
Cattle Baron     CTB
Baroness   B
Classic Cowboy    CC
Classic Cowgirl    CCG
Cowboy    CB
Cowgirl    CG
Duelist    D
El Patron    EP
Elder Statesmem    ES
Forty-Niner    49er
Frontier Cartridge    FC
Frontier Cartridge Duelist    FCD
Frontiersman    FT
Grand Dame    GD
Gunfighter    GF
La Patrona    LP
Lady B-Western    LBW
Lady Duelist    LD
Lady Forty-Niner    L49
Lady Frontier Cartidge    LFC
Lady Frontier Cartidge Duelist    LFD
Lady Gunfighter    LGF
Lady Senior    LS
Lady Silver Senior    LSS
Lady Wrangler    LW
Lady Young Gun    LYG
Senior    S
Senior Duelist    SD
Silver Senior    SS
Wrangler    W
Young Gun    YG
Other Stuff!
Thought you might have these questions in your head about the Revenge.  So I’ll answer these the best I can.  If you have more.....send them on to Stumble Leena  and I’ll get them posted.

1. How many and how far apart are outhouses placed?

  They are about 30ft from each other. We have one reserved for the ladies......that guy that used it last year is now buried in the back forty with the other three!

2. How far is it from the parking area to the stages and is it downhill both ways?

 About 50 yds if you get there first.  About 100 yds if ya don’t, and about 120 yds if yer dry camping on bottom, and about 1/4 Mile if yer camping on top. Flat mostly.  Unless you are going up hill.  Then it's up hill.  

3. Out house toilet paper. Is it Charman or the cheap stuff? 

Somewhere in between.  Toilet paper is very important on our list of “make sure you have plenty of and please no sand paper!”

4. Are the stages situated so no matter what time of day it is, sun glare on gunpowder smoke doesn't obscure the targets?

  Bays face South, go from there.

5. Target distance and size exactly the same as my home club?

 Probably Not.  Most targets are 16x12 or 12x12 or 12x16 or 24x24 or 30x30.  One is really BIG and REALLY ROUND!  We call it the Giant Tomato if painted RED, The Giant PUMPKIN if painted Orange.  The Giant GUM BALL if painted Yellow.  The Giant.....well you get the idea.    They range from 5ft to 30ft distance.  

6. Will all of the mosquitoes be humanely captured and relocated prior to the match?

 NOPE, we insist you slap yourself silly and the person sitting next to you.  (Really.....the Mosquito Control Guy comes by and zaps them.)  But we always recommend Bug Juice.  

7. Is parking arranged so I can park right up front.
 If you hurry.

8. Can I create my own category to ensure I get a trinket to take home.

 If you find 3 other people to shoot the category with you, and let me know ahead of time.

9.   Will the outcome of my score on any stage be determined by how the dice roll turns out or what playing card I draw"


10. Water? Will they have water to drink and fill our tanks?


 11. Can I get a "mulligan" on a miss or a procedure?  


12.  Do you have a Walmart!

Yep, we have a Super Duper Walmart!
Dry Camping
Dry Camping if Full!
Shooter Protest
If a call is made against a shooter on a stage, the shooter should first make guns safe.  Then if a discussion with the RO does not remedy the situation, the shooter may appeal a ruling by notifying the Posse Marshal or RO prior to leaving the stage in dispute. 

Shooter will complete a provided protest form and post a $25 protest fee.  A panel of three match officers will review the appeal.

Proper Time for Protest - The judges will be assembled as quickly as possible to rule on the protest before the posse leaves the stage.  However, if time is short, the posse will proceed to the next stage and the judges will poll witnesses with as little interruption to their shooting as possible.

Ruling upheld (Original call stands) - $25 forfeited to the Windygap Steel Fund
Ruling overturned (Error removed or re-shoot granted) - $25 returned to the protestor.
Loaner Gun Carts
We have a limited amount of loaner guncarts for those who are out of Country or Flying in, please reserve your guncart early.

Send an email to Stumble Leena or put in note box on application to reserve one.  Let us know how many will be sharing.  We usually put those who posse together on the same cart.
Vendors are welcome but you MUST make arrangements for space prior to the match.  You must contact Stumble Leena with space requirements, type of merchandise, etc.  Failure to do so may result in there being no space for you to set up.  Spacing is limited.  

Cowboy Clays
Friday June 14th

10:00 AM

Windygap Range

Top Man and Top Woman will receive an award!

$15 per 25 clays

Shoot it till ya win!
Dogs,  Our Best Friends
We all love our dogs, but good manners are always important.  Especially from the human side. 

Dogs are dogs. 

So in answer to your questions around our slobbering best friend, yes, you may bring your dog.  You as the human though must follow the range rules. 

Make sure your dog is hydrated and has shade at your camp or truck.  We are kinda fussy about that.  So take heed, if we see it, we'll call ya on it.

All dogs must be on leash at all times outside of your camp even Hulahan Bobs dog.

No dogs are allowed under big awning except service dogs or Hulahan Bobs dog when we are eating. 

No dogs are allowed on live firing range, except Hulahan Bobs dog.  

You must pick up your dogs poo.  Even Hulahan Bob has to pick up his dogs poo.

Barking dogs along with their human will be asked to be quiet, even Hulahans Bobs dog, second ask, dog will  have to leave.  (For doggie day care, just ask) 

And no, that is not a picture of Hulahan Bob's dog.
Range Rules

All competitors are safety officers.  If you see an unsafe act, bring it to the attention of the shooter or  a Range Officer.  Be polite and use “Your inside voice” as Kodiak Kid would say.  Most of the time  a gentle nudge works better than “in your face confrontation.”

1) The Revenge is conducted in accordance with the rules set forth by the Single Action Shooting Society (S.A.S.S.), the Windygap Regulators.  All competitors are expected to be familiar with the SASS rule book and all rules posted in this book, whether you are a SASS member or not.

2) All firearms are to remain unloaded until the competitor is at a loading table.  Loading and unloading will be conducted only in designated areas.

3)  Eye protection is mandatory for ALL competitors and spectators.  Hearing protection is recommended for competitors and spectators.

5) Long Guns must be carried with the muzzles up and actions open unless proceeding to the firing line.

6) There shall be  3 spotters present if possible.   All hits-misses will be awarded by the Majority of the spotters.   If you wish to challenge any call made against you, you must deposit $25 dollars CASH into the hands of the range master.  If the call goes your way, you  get your $25 back, if it doesn’t, it will be donated to the club.

7) Down Range....At the Revenge, the loading and unloading tables are faced into high berms.  If you hear “Down Range” it means to be mindful of your muzzle direction.  You may keep loading and unloading unless a cease fire is called.  If there is a shooter on the firing line with loaded guns and there is a down range called, Shooter will put  firearm muzzle in a safe direction, and a spotter will watch until the “all clear” is given.  Cease Fire means exactly what it says!  Ignoring a CEASE FIRE on our RANGE is grounds for a Match DQ and eviction from the Range.  


9)The Sass Stage Conventions are in effect for all main stages and side matches.  

10) The Windygap Regulators do not use  “Loading Officers”.  It  is the shooters responsibility to load the correct amount for that stage.  The Windygap Regulators don’t  always have an unloading officer.  It is the shooters responsibility to make sure your guns are clear.   Not following loading and unloading procedures can lead to a Stage DQ, Match DQ and or eviction from the Range.  

11) If a malfunction of your Rifle, Shotgun or either pistol is declared. You may declare unsafe, ground it, or hand it off.  Please do not GUNSMITH on anyone’s gun unless asked.  Do not MOVE anyone’s firearm with a round on the carrier, or in the chamber until the shooter and  TO has acknowledged the violation.  Do not TOUCH a Shotgun or Rifle on the Firing line if it closes, that is the shooters responsibility.  Sass has a rule for this, please adhere to it.  

12) Hip shooting or “Out Law” (except for shotgun) ....It is not allowed at our range.  Stage DQ for  violation.

13) No Spencer Rifles are allowed for Cowboy Action Shooting on our range.